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Jane Austen kick

Jane Austen today: Sense & Sensibility: A head-to-head comparison This!
The author writes about two different screen adaptations of Austen's Sense & Sensibility: the 1995 big screen version, and the 2008 Masterpiece Theatre adaptation.
I whole-heartedly agree with the author about the actors who played Elinor, Edward, and the Colonel. Emma Thompson as Elinor was just too old for the role, and Hugh Grant? Not fitted. Most especially I agree about the men who acted as the Colonel. Ye gods, Alan Rickman - though I absolutely love his acting - was NOT right for that role.
But I have to disagree with her on the respective actresses who played as Marianne and Mrs. Dashwood.
I much think that Gemma Jones looks old enough to be the girls' grandmother, rather than mother, and I certainly don't think that Janet McTeer "towered over the girls" the slightest bit.
As for Willoughby, I really can't say. I think they're really equal, although I do have to agree that Dominic was a tad bit on the unsmiling side. However, the only reason that he could look at all sinister is because we, the readers, already know that he's up to no good. But in the perspective of the story, and in Marianne's perspective in particular, she doesn't know that he's up to no good. She's a 16-year-old, fresh from home and the school-room, taken in by a handsome face and the virtual embodiment of what she believes she wants from a man in a romantic relationship. In that light, it is entirely believable that she would still fall for a guy like Dominic's portrayal of Willoughby, just as much as she would for Greg's portrayal.

All in all, I have to say I very much prefer the Masterpiece Theatre version.