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He's got no balls!

Loki got fixed.
The black one.
That we THOUGHT was female when we got him.

The night he came home, he couldn't even stay upright, let alone walk like a sober person.
Mike set out a bowl of water for him, and he somehow managed to drag himself over to it, only to dunk his entire head in the bowl. Mike rescued him and laid him on the carpet near the bowl (and the spot of carpet where his head was stayed wet for the rest of the night) while he went to get a towel for his stoned majesty.
By the time I got there after work, he was a little better, but still tripped himself in his eagerness to greet me.
Even his meows were slurred.
I swear to God.
"Mm -- mrrrw?"
Oh, and someone at that SPCA crochets blankets to send home with the animals after they get operated on. Since Loki showed a preference to lay on Mike's storage chest (black plastic -- you'd think he'd rather stay on the soft carpet), Mike folded the blanket that came home with Loki and put it on the chest.
In the middle of the night I was woken by "Scritchscritch scratch *cloth sliding along* scritch scritch *cloth being yanked on hard*"

Turn on the light, here's Loki, down from the chest, dragging that blanket along with his teeth, doing his best to try to destroy it.
Mike and I figure maybe it just reminds Loki of the Evil Place, so I brought it home with me. Snickers seems to like laying on it, so maybe it'll serve as more of a comfort to her when it's her turn.

Bah. 2am. Bedtime.
I had more to write, but that'll have to wait.