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Notice Tailgaters everywhere

Dear Lady Who Hit the Back of My Car:
STOP TAILGATING!!! Really?! A half-mile of being almost bumper to bumper with me, a half-mile of me having to pull forward a little every time we stop, a HALF-MILE of me NOT being able to drive faster to compensate for YOUR recklessness because there's ANOTHER car already in front of me - Were you NOT watching what the hell you were doing?!

And then.
And then the car in front of me went through the yellow, and I stopped when it was red.
FIVE whole minutes you waited BEFORE you fucking rammed me.


And you rammed me hard enough that my heart kept pounding for forty-five minutes afterward.

I should have got your information. And YOU should have got out of your fucking luxury vehicle and given me your information.
But you didn't because there was no physical damage to my car.

Fucking bitch.