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100 Things I Like

Ten years later.. a lot of changes

1. a small, warm, affectionate dog
2. fabric softener
3. Music
4. Books
5. Foamy coldness of the North Atlantic Ocean
6. The smell of grilling meat
7. A tall, cold glass of cranberry ginger ale over ice
8. Being in a choral competition
9. Finding a pretty seashell
10. The smell of Mom's apple crisp
11. Holidays with family
12. The first storm of spring
13. Watching "White Christmas" while decorating the Christmas tree
14. Chocolate
15. Jeans that fit
16. The satisfaction of creating something and knowing I did it well.
17. Socks and an extra-long T-shirt straight out of the dryer in winter
18. The smell of a new book
19. Absolute silence during snowfall
20. M&M cookie dough
21. French vanilla cappuccino warming my hands on the walk to class/work
22. Chocolate chip cookies with the chocolate all gooey
23. The zing of mild salsa on the tongue
24. Spooning naked with the A/C gently blowing in the summer
25. The spice of wood smoke in the air in fall
26. Peppermint hot chocolate at Christmas
27. Key Lime and Lemon Meringue Pie
28. Tattoos
29. A long, hot, steaming bath after a long, hard day at work, followed by much-deserved pampering.
30. Curling up in a deep, comfy couch tucked in a blanket with a hot cup of tea next to me and a really good book on a snowy day.
31. The feel of Steinway baby grand keys beneath my fingertips
32. The fizz of soda tickling my sinuses
33. Having a bagel and tea while watching the sunrise
34. The ocean taking the sand beneath my feet as the waves recede
35. The cheese on pizza melted just enough to get stringy when you take a bite
36. Open highway, cruising and watching scenery pass by
37. Feeling safe in a long, warm hug
38. A long, hard, tears-inducing laugh with friends
39. Haagen-Dasz coffee ice cream
40. The tang of salt on the ocean breeze
41. The twinkle of stars
42. The feel of witchcraft magic around All Hallow's Eve
43. The moon
44. Holding a sleeping child
45. Kissing
46. Garfield & Friends
47. Shrimp
48. Ranting squirrels
49. Standing outside with my tongue and arms held out while it's snowing
50. Winning a big pot on a risky bluff in hold 'em poker
51. Italian bread dipped in extra virgin olive oil
52. Hen nights
53. Getting lost in a historical drama
54. Cinnamon buns
55. Super Mario on Super Nintendo
56. Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata"
57. Dean Martin's drunk act
58. Blasting classic rock, hard rock and country while going on a vigorous cleaning spree
59. Waking up feeling refreshed on a cool, sunny spring morning lying on cool linen sheets and pillow
60. Seeing a hawk gliding free above the trees
61. The blue-green-greyness of the North Atlantic Ocean
62. Soccer
63. Sitting on the beach, feeling the breeze, watching the waves
64. Shopping for fall clothes
65. Doing a big, really hard puzzle with my cousins during a big thunderstorm
66. Sudoku
67. Eating fruit first thing in the morning
68. Guns
69. Hot mulled cider
70. Seeing a cardinal on a bright winter day
71. The National Do Not Call Registry
72. Singing in harmony
73. Mel Brooks
74. Cruising at night in the car with hard rock up loud, feeling the bass through my body
75. Books where I almost feel like I've made friends with the characters
76. Nestle Drumsticks
77. Curling up in a warm bed beneath a downy comforter in winter
78. Sitting round a fire with friends on a summer night, drinking beer and soda, someone playing guitar, the rest of us playing poker and talking
79. Watching the sun become a red disk in the sky as it sets over the ocean
80. The magic feel of Christmas time
81. Salads
82. The scent of freshly-mown grass after a rain
83. Baking
84. A good, long massage
85. Animals
86. The scent of Dove's Cool Moisture soap
87. Volleyball
88. Lying under a certain tree at the local park in the early morning when the sun is out and the fountain is on
89. Bookstores
90. The scent of growing things
91. The smell of an impending summer storm
92. Dressing in historical costume
93. Waking up to the voice of someone I adore
94. Taking my time on a stroll through woods
95. An extra large comfy hoody
96. crafting
97. Warm, fluffy, fresh-out-of-the-oven bread
98. Hershey's Hugs
99. Corkscrew pasta in meatsauce with mozzarella
100. Being surrounded by fireflies on quiet, lazy summer nights