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Nowhere to go...

What type of Fae are you?

Make note: Being stuck in the wrist with a needle hurts like a damn bitch.
Having to keep that needle in for the IV drip . . . tends to make one irritable.


I have a stalker?!

Apparently one of my bosses (the nice one at crafty job) on a whim tried to look me up on Facebook.

Not sure what I think of that.

Kinda makes me glad, though, that I haven't yet listened to my sister and cousins about getting an account there.
Mornings are mine.

When I can quietly slip out of bed (willing or no), pad my way to the kitchen, put on a pot of tea and enjoy the sky becoming lighter in silence.
Normally, when I wake, I don't like anything electronic/electric to be on. Music, TV, lights; if it involves anything that needs electric or battery power, I don't like it to be on. I also like to be alone while I enjoy the morning. Not another soul awake in the house - ideally not another soul in the house at all. If someone else is present, I might be a little grumpy. If that someone else has the need to turn on a light, the TV, and/or listen to music, I get irritable, fast.

Today I'm alone in the house, with only this computer on.
So far I'm in a peaceful mood.
I have to leave for work in a half hour, and my day will progress rather peacefully and amiably, slowly gaining energy and a good mood to face the rest of the day with.

I may end up cleaning out my room later... or not. I definitely need music to be able to get myself through such a monumental task, but Dad will be asleep in the next room.
Knit... and watch a movie.
Perhaps do a little pruning on my basil... If the sun is out.
I don't know.
We'll see.
For now, perhaps a little game or two.

Blechhh . . . .

Another morning when I didn't want to leave the comfort of my four blankets. Tea was brewed (Twining English Breakfast), pea soup heated up (yes, pea soup for breakfast - I DID mention it was cold?), and more blankets wrapped around me while I enjoyed warm food and drink.
Did I really complain of the summer heat?
The turn of the seasons is only fun when you don't have to deal with all the daily minutiae of adult reality.
If I could become a quasi-hermit, never leaving home except when I wanted to, or anytime I needed food, I would do it in a heartbeat.

It's COLD damnit!
Too cold to take a shower. I'd get hypothermia.


I found more recipes while at work today.
I'm just feeling too lazy to copy them down right now.

Grandma's birthday today. Went over to Aunt's house and had cake, brought dinner home and ate here. Gave her my card. Not sure if I wrote legibly enough for her to read what I wrote.

Carry on.
And so the season of sniffles begins.
I'm now waking up almost every morning with a clogged or runny nose, unwilling to get out from under the warmth of a triple-woven throw, a fleece throw, and a flannel-lined sleeping bag. When I do manage to drag myself out of bed, I'm bundled up, and my drink of choice no longer comes from the fridge.

I wanted to write more, but it'll have to wait until I get home from work.

Writer's Block: On the (Job) Hunt

What's the hardest part about looking for a new job?

The entire thing is hard.
From just trying to find out who's hiring, to walking in and asking for an application . . .

Scratch that.
The hardest part, for me, is the waiting after handing in your application.
Either you call them back and ask if anyone's reviewed your application yet, dreading the thought that they'll say they have and you're not what they're looking for, or you sit by the phone all day, waiting for them to call you in the hopes that your application appealed to them.

But the entire process can be painful, because once you've been invited for an interview, you agonize over what kind of questions they're going to ask, and how you'll answer, all while panicking because you don't have a single suitable thing to wear, and oh god, what if you do that nervous habit thing without realizing it?!

Then, once the interview's over, you might have to wait some more to see whether you made enough of an impression for them to hire you. More agonizing and waiting by the phone, or more agonizing and making phone calls while dreading the crushing rejection.

This is why it's very important to do your job well enough that your bosses don't think of letting you go, so you don't have to go through the process any more than is absolutely necessary.

On health care reform and us young'uns

Commentary: Where are the young voices on health care?
You'd think they'd learn to keep paying us attention after all the voting is over. After all, if you got us to vote for you, then the only way to retain our support is to continue listening to us.
Now, I haven't been paying much attention to the President's speeches on health reform, but I doubt there's been one peep from him about how it would affect our generation.
That's not to say that it shouldn't also take into consideration the problems of the older generations.
But, as the commentary stated: We're the ones who'll have to live with it the longest.
You'd think, as a father, the President would take that into consideration. After all, he took his daughters into consideration when he talked about how he wants to do away with the glass ceiling. Why not with health reform as well?
I've not attended college classes in four years, but I've only just managed to find health insurance, and even that's shaky with only one permanent part-time job, and one seasonal part-time job.

I guess we'll continue to see how this drama unfolds.

Aug. 30th, 2009

I seem to be stuck on 80s power ballads.
All because I walked into work just when they were playing Chicago's "You're the Inspiration".
Now I'm listening to my 80s mix on Pandora.
And I've got REO Speedwagon stuck in my head.


So in withdrawal

It captures Rose so well!!


Good times

I'm just waiting for Cat's entry about yesterday.
Photos taken. Some funny, some just cool.
I have to get to work now, though, so later.

Note to selves:

My sister and I should never become cake decorators.

Picture will be posted after the party.


Thursday post

Just a general warning: I won't be home to give click-backs until 10pm eastern.

The rest under hereCollapse )
So I'm looking for another job.
Crafting job has me working three days a week and I have to pay off $600 by Sep. 4th.
Had to cancel my doctor appointment in August.

Applied at three different Petcos, one of which is near Mike.
Trying Ann Taylor.

Tried H&M but they don't have an opening at the store near me. The problems with the Center City location?
1) I drive there, and deal with having to find a place to park, and then walk to work, then walk back from work, possibly at night, to find my car again. The driving alone could get me in an accident, then the possible night-time walk between work and the car could be dangerous.
2) I take the train there, and have to walk to work, then have to walk back to the train station and wait for the train, at night. Again, dangerous.

Center city is out of the question.

Really, really hoping I'll get the job at my local Petco, because it's close enough to my job to walk from one to the other.

In other news, yesterday my sister and I went to the local Joanne's fabric store. I found the most beautiful brocaded sari fabric for only $6.99 a yard, and I think, whenever I manage to get myself a Fenestra deck, I'll get a yard of that fabric and make a bag with it.
Then there's the dark gray silk I found, which I will probably get a yard of for my Hanson-Roberts.

Only when I have money, though.

Jul. 1st, 2009

What color Pern dragon would you ride (Now with mechanical correctness!)
Created by Cavatica

Your Result
You're a brownrider. You're a dragonrider's dragonrider: grounded and level-headed, with all the confidence of a bronzerider but with a whole lot less of the ego. While most people may think of brownriders as second-besters who just couldn't cut it on bronze, you actually got the better end of the deal: yeah, you don't get the fame and prestige, but frankly, you're okay with that. Celebrity is stressful, after all. And in any event, you're a good, solid dragonrider: practical and reliable, you may be called upon to serve as a Wingsecond, Wingleader, or Weyrlingmaster, all of which are demanding positions requiring your full attention and expertise. Few people realize that, in a pinch, you're the guy the Weyrleader's most likely to turn to. And at the end of the day, you don't have to go home to a cranky weyrwoman--there are plenty of cute greenriders to flirt with, and they'll be happy not to have to put up with one of those overworked, overrated pretty boys. Well done, sir!

What color Pern dragon would you ride?


Jun. 30th, 2009

Happy happy early birthday to orangebeaver!! Have a beer, another year is just another number.
(Yeah, coming from me, right?)

Squiby is down. Again.
My herbs aren't dying, but aren't growing.
Still looking for a job.

That's about it, really.
Loki has to get neutered. REALly soon.
And WHY do cats love to sit around the toilet so much?!
Loki's place is in the corner where we can't reach him, while Snickers has her throne on the lid.
I will never get it.

I hate this weather!

Ugggggghhhhh growth pains are not fun!

This weather...
Hot during the day, cool at night, hot in the afternoon, suddenly chill before sunset and cold at night...
is wreaking havoc on my stomach.

My body does not like sudden and drastic temperature changes.

Because I'm bored?

This article is just . . . so true!
And it makes one laugh at some points.
There is mention of both Dr. Who AND Animorphs!
And its opposite



Video about cats
To: Anyone who is a cat lover/owner
You guys will LOVE this!!

Oh, and don't forget this one!

And um..
I wouldn't mind wearing this myself? XD